1. Hello Burley !
    It was very interesting to hear your stories, even if it's hard for me to understand everything (I'm French).
    I have a question for you : do you remember being in the Besançon Area between 4 and 8 september 1944 ? And if yes, do you have any memories from that period ?
    I'm working on a book about the Liberation of Besançon by the 3rd Infantry Division, and your company was involved in the battle !
    Thank you a lot !

  2. Hello Gautier,
    Sorry for the late response.
    My dad is having trouble remembering the details about the battles in France. Is this part of the "Colmar Pocket"? My dad wants to know if you were in the service and where do you live now?

    1. Hello Matt !
      Sorry to be late ! Besançon wasn't a part of the Colmar Pcket battle. It's a fortified city south of the Vosges Mountains, liberated after the pursuit of the German 19th Army from the Southern France.
      I weren't in the service, I'm just a French History lover who tries to collect a lot of informations about the liberation of my city by the American 3rd Infantry Division on september 8, 1944. I would like to write a book about it. I actually live in Northern France.
      Best regards,